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Jim Hutton, Owen Sound, ON

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This is not a "for-profit" business but rather a retirement hobby with the objective of preserving vintage radios and phonographs so they will continue to be used by future generations.   I approach this objective from three directions:

First:    I salvage radios that are about to become part of a landfill or left to rot in someone's backyard. To ensure that they function flawlessly for many years to come I do a complete and comprehensive restoration that involves replacing 90 to 100% of all internal components along with several tubes.  I then perform a complete alignment before restoring the cabinet. It many cases this requires striping and refinishing the cabinet however whenever possible I try to keep the original finish.  I then replace the decals, lens and dials where needed. Upon completion each radio is very much as it was when first offered for sale with the exception of the vacuum tubes which normally have several hours on them although still within original specifications.

1931 Rogers-Majestic Model 610

Second:  I offer options to promote the use of the vintage radio by incorporating a module to play Bluetooth, FM and MP3.  This enables the owner to use the radio much as it was intended for daily entertainment.  This feature can be incorporated in two ways; as a stand-alone unit that transmits an AM signal to the radio or fully integrated in the radio activated by a remote control.

Third:   As mentioned this is a hobby with a purpose of promoting the use of old radios.  Therefore, my business objective is to break-even at best.  In most cases I spend $100 to $200 in the restoration process, mostly purchasing replacement parts. When added to an average acquisition cost of $100 it puts my break-even prices in the order of $200 to $300.  

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Special 1932 Coast Radio with 1937 chassis 1928 Clarodyne Low Loss Receiver  
1923 Fada Neutrodyne Model 167A 1929 Maganvox Model T   sold
1929 Canadian Sparton Model 154 1930 Rogers Majestic Model 610 Ch R641
1931 Rogers Majestic Model 620 Ch R641 1931 Rogers Majestic Model 710 Ch R646
1931 Victor Model R34 1931 Canadian Westinghouse Model 101 sold
1931 Canadian Westinghouse Model 801 1933 RCA Victor Model R-28 
1933 Canadian General Electric Model K-50  sold 1933 Canadian General Electric Model K-80 
1934 Philco Model 58 1933 Coast Radio Model 101
1935 Canadian General Electric A-70   sold 1935 RCA Victor T5-2   sold
1936 Northern Electric Model 510 1937 Northern Electric Model 722
1938 Detrola Model 191E  1938 Canadian Westinghouse Model 636
1938 RCA Victorette  sold

1938 Dominion Electrohome Model 851-E

1941 Philco Model 32A 1939 Sparton of Canada Model 5441
1939 RCA Model A20 1939 Westinghouse Model 558
1941 Silvertone Model 7031 1941 Phonola Model 40UB61

1941 Emerson Model 342   sold

1946 Philco Radio/Player Model 46-1201 (1) sold
1946 Philco Radio/Player Model 46-1201 (2)
1946 RCA Model VR-245  sold 1946 Sparton Model 5148
1946 Emerson Model 515-C 1947 RCA Model Little Master
1947 Rogers Majestic Model R-166  1947 Sparton Model 6148    sold
1947 Hudson Bay "Dictator"  sold 1948 Silvertone Radio/Player Model 834 
1947 RCA Model 62A 1948 Canadian Electrohome Model  sold
1948 Emerson Model 30  1949 Canadian Westinghouse Model 697-A (1) sold
1949 Travler Radio Corp Model 5056-A 1949 Canadian Westinghouse Model 697-A (2) sold
1952 Zenith Trans-oceanic Model H500 sold 1958 Philips Model B4C87A sold
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I have complied over a thousand hours of old time radio programs that I'm happy to include with each restored radio going to a new home.

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   Father Knows Best

   Our Miss Brooks

   Broadway is my Beat

   the Six Shooter

   Boston Blackie

   Texas Rangers

   Radio City Playhouse

   Johnny Dollar



   Richard Diamond

   Philip Marlowe

   Talk Radio

   Vintage Commercials

Before television, radio provided entertainment by presenting radio plays and programs of mystery, intrigue, and comedy. There was also news, soap operas and early talk radio.


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