Manufactured:  November 17, 1952

I have had this radio in my collection for 35 years and just recently decided to restore it.  I was pleasantly surprised during my initial inspection when I saw that the cabinet was in remarkable condition for a 65 year old receiver. Therefore I just gave the cabinet a wipe-down and left it virtually as it was when I pulled it from storage and focused on restoring the electronics.

This is a Zenith Model H500 Trans-oceanic portable radio has 7 bands which are selected by pushbuttons to the right of the dial.

1. Standard Broadcast 540 kHz to 1600 kHz 555M to 188 M
2. Weather Band 4 MHz to 8 MHz 75 M to 38 M
3. Weather Band 2 MHz to 4 MHz 150M to 75M
4. Short Wave 17.5 MHz to 18.1 MHz 16M
5. Short Wave 14.9 MHz to 15.5 MHz 19M
6. Short Wave 11.6 MHz to 12.0 MHz 25M
7. Short Wave 9.4 MHz to 9.8 MHz 31M

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