1939 RCA Table Model   Tubes: 6AS7, 6SK7, 6SQ7, 6F6, 5Y4

This Radio has been restored to near original condition. It was in poor condition as you can see in this video ( Restoration Video ). The restoration process took nearly five weeks and required the replacement of all capacitors and nearly all resistors. In addition the Tuning Gang was severely damaged and was completed shorted out. To repair this vital component it was necessary to reduce the bandwidth from 520-1600KHz to 520-1100KHz.  As a result this radio cannot tune in AM Stations above 1100KHz.  However this radio comes with a complimentary Bluetooth Module that more than overcomes this deficiency.  With the Bluetooth Module the radio can play music from your Smartphone, a Playlist on a USB Key or tune in your local FM Station.  Given that there are very few AM Broadcast stations today, this Module greatly extends the usability of this Radio. You can see how the Bluetooth Module is attached to the radio here ( Module Demo ).  You can view a complete demonstration of this radio here. ( Demonstration ).

This Restoration included reproducing the original decals that were placed on the radio in 1939 when it was manufactured as shown above.


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