Before the Restoration


After the Restoration
1936 Northern Electric Model 722   Tubes:  6A8G, 6K7, 6H6, 6F5, 6V6G, 5Y4G

This is not a radio that you would see in the average home in the Fall of 1936 when it was first introduced to the market since it sold for the equivalent of $3,000 in today's dollars or $99.00 in 1936.  When you consider that you could buy a car for about $800 at the time it was quite the investment for family entertainment.

This radio has been fully restored as you can see by the photos above and those in the menu at the left. In addition to the restoration a small digital circuit has been attached that converts the radio sound to light that is displayed on the front panel - see it in action under the "Listen" menu item at the left.

Given that there are very few AM stations left in most cities this radio has an add-on module that enables the radio to play music from a SmartPhone or USB Key or play the local FM station. More information is available under the menu item "Extension Module" and you can see the module in action the "Listen" menu item at the left.


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